Can-Am Outlander L Max DPS

£6,332.00 Excluding Vat | £7,598.40 Including VAT


Rotax 450 or 570cc engines –  

Select from either a liquid cooled Rotax 450 four stroke or a liquid cooled SOHC Rotax 570 V-Twin. The proven Rotax engines offer unmatched power and performance while remaining both reliable and efficient.

Independant Rear Suspension TTI –

The industry’s only independent rear suspension where the rear wheels pivot up and down in a vertical line rather than a more cumbersome butterfly motion. It is also strategically designed to offer point-and-shoot handling, optimal traction and the efficient transferring of power to the ground. 5 preload settings on the shocks and 8.8″ of travel, the Outlander L soaks up rough terrain to keep the rider comfortable and focused on the trail

Double A-Arm Front Suspension

Includes dive control geometry for better cornering and vehicle braking dynamics. the 9″ suspension travel increases trail comfort and capabilities in rough terrain.

Ergonomic passenger seat

4 wheels engine braking system



Tri-Mode Dynamic
Power Steering (DPS)

The Tri Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) offers three levels of rider adjustable steering assistance that can be adapted to match the terrain while also reducing kickback to the steer amount of assistance varies with the vehicle’s speed to adjust the steering input effort to a comfortable level.

12″ Cast Aluminium Wheels with 25″ tires.


Drive Train 2WD / 4WD


Available in Yellow and Mossy Oak Camo


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