Mountfield S421RPD Lawnmower

£262.82 Excluding Vat | £315.38 Including VAT

Combining a self-propelled drive with a full-width
rear-mounted roller, the Mountfield S421R PD will prove a great buy for anyone
looking to create a ‘Wimbledon’-style stripe on their lawn and wants the
ultimate comfort of power drive.

It’s fitted with a Mountfield RSC100 power-pack; a 100cc
four-stroke engine that offers a significant reduction in vibration; noise;
emissions; and fuel-economy, thanks to its modern overhead-valve design.

Mountfield’s dependable recoil ignition-system ensures
you’ll have no starting problems; while their provision of a capacious
0.8-litre fuel-tank means extended run-times between each stop for refuelling.

Flexible in use, the Mountfield S421R PD Petrol Rear-Roller
Lawnmower offers five-preset heights-of-cut (20-70mm) which are simple to
select using a single centralised lever.

It’s equipped with a collapsible handlebar that works to
maximise available space in your storage area; and it’s supplied with a roomy
55-litre catcher that enhances productivity by reducing the frequency of trips
to the compost-pile.